Interview with Carme Fenoll, member of the Board of Directors of Cercle de Cultura

We spoke with Carme Fenoll i Clarabuch (Palafolls, 1977), librarian and member of the Board of Directors of Cercle de Cultura.


1. What is your link with the cultural sector?
I am a librarian and currently direct the Culture and Community Area of ​​the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. My career in recent years has gone from directing the Palafrugell Public Library, to being the head of the Generalitat’s Library Service (2012-2017) and then the head of the rector’s office Francesc Torres (2018-2021). In the world of cultural management, I have always been interested in linking sectors and looking for alliances between cultural and educational agents.


2. Why did you sign up for the Circle?
Because there are few spaces for debate and promotion of Culture in Catalonia and I believe that adding expert voices from various fields can help improve the situation.


3. What can you contribute?
The vision of a person who knows the library field well and now also the university field. I am from Palafrugell and I like the non-barnacentrist conception of culture, so I will also work to offer this voice to the Circle.


4. What is the role of culture in the current context?
Culture is the floating table of society and a clear indicator of the degree of well-being of its society. Improving cultural knowledge from primary education is the keystone of social transformation.


5. What do you think the Circle can do to encourage cultural debate?
Exercising a neutral and vindictive voice, without obeying political interests. It is important that cultural debates contemplate new voices, and this involves not only young voices but also those with opposing views.