The mission of the Cercle de Cultura is to become a space for dialogue, observation, evaluation and prescription of Catalan culture, as well as a meeting place in the Hispanic, European and international spheres.

In this way, special attention is paid to:

  • The development of culture in all its aspects: art, industry, heritage, thought, creation and market, as well as the interrelationships between culture, education and science.
  • Strategies for promoting culture, both in public initiatives and in society and the market.
  • The establishment of advanced and consensual cultural policies.
  • The promotion of cultural debate to place it at the center of society.
  • The financing of culture in its sources: public, patronage and market.
  • The assumption by the media of its role as mediator, producer and distributor of cultural content.
  • Systems for analyzing cultural reality, and filtering, and recognizing quality.
  • The innovative use of new technologies.

To achieve these objectives, the Cercle de Cultura uses the following actions:

  • The promotion and carrying out of studies on the role of culture and the situation and expectations of the various cultural sectors in Catalonia.
  • The organization of seminars, colloquia, courses and debates that have culture as their central object.