Cercle de Cultura promotes debate on cultural sectors and post-Covid economic recovery programs

The event took place on March 16 and was co-organized with the Cercle d’Economia, PROA, ADETCA and the Catalan Academy of Music.

The performing arts, music and audiovisual in Spain presented encouraging data, which meant a recovery from the crisis of 2008. However, the pandemic caused by the Covidien-19 has hit this sector again.

In the perspective of the structuring of the projects related to the recovery of the economic activity, Cercle de Cultura, Cercle de Economía, PROA, ADETCA and Academia Catalana de la Música organized a session to share some visions and perspectives on the relationship of these funds and projects and the relationship with the cultural sectors.

The event was led by writer and journalist Jordi Amat, a member of the boards of Cercle de Cultura and Cercle de Economía and featured a brief introduction by Jordi Pardo, president of Cercle de Cultura, and general director of the Pau Casals Foundation.

Session recording link: