The Cercle de Cultura was born in 2010 as a private and associative entity, independent, with a desire to participate in public life from the ideological plurality of its founding members and future associates. It was born with the vocation of becoming a space for dialogue and debate in favor of culture and its greater presence and recognition in Catalan social life.

From the Cercle de Cultura we understand culture as a constitutive element of the human condition. We believe, therefore, that it must play a more central role in the life of the community. We want culture to regain greater social and political centrality in Catalonia.

The Cercle de Cultura is born from several principles, fully shared by all the founding members:

  • Culture is a fundamental constituent element of society; consequently it is everyone's responsibility.
  • Culture must be more committed to society as a whole and society as a whole must be more responsible for cultural development.
  • Culture unfolds from each of the citizens and is a responsibility of both the private and public worlds.
  • The best cultural development is achieved when a proper balance is struck between private and public initiative.
  • It is the function of public administrations to stimulate and support the initiative of society and never replace it, especially in the field of content creation, production and management.
  • Culture is the foundation and mirror of the community and is therefore a reflection and engine of the production of symbols, values, creativity and innovation, progress and new civilizations.
  • Culture is a fundamental element both on a personal and social level and, in a very important way, in the national trajectory and international projection of Catalonia.

The Cercle de Cultura was born with the support of the Cercle de Economia, which includes many of the organizational and operational principles.